The orphanage has several full time staff workers who help to make the place a home. Some of them work during the day, while others live full time at the orphanage. Below are some of the staff workers who help with the mission of Hogar de los Niños everyday.

Carmen & Rocio
Carmen has worked for many years at the "Hogar". She is in charge of cleaning the mountains of dirty clothes produced everyday by the kids who live here. Let me tell you, this is no small task! Rocio comes in the afternoons and cares for the kids. You can always find her out on the patios making sure the kids are playing nicely. Carmen and Rocio both work very hard for the orphanage and help to keep it running day in and day out.

Elia Casabal
Elia is one of the most diligent and hardest working people in the orphanage. She is very humble and respectful of everyone around her. For her respect, she has a special place in all the hearts of everyone at the orphanage. If you every come down to the orphanage she is hard to spot because she is always hard at work!