Hogar de los Niños depends on gifts of time, service, prayer, and funding to accomplish its mission. These resources come from both individuals and groups who support our mission to provide a home for orphaned children. As our mission contains several different fascets, all kinds of contributions are welcome.



With so many children living under one roof it is quite a task just to keep the water running and electricity on. This shows one good example of how your monetary donation tangibly helps the orphanage. In addition, material donations such as school supplies are always needed. All children attend school and supplies are needed to facilitate their learning opportunities. Please check out our Donate Page for more detailed information and ideas about donating.
Gifts of time and service are not only beneficial to the children here, but also to whoever comes to volunteer. Much is learned about the culture and poverty in Mexico by visiting. There are many different volunteer opportunities available, all providing a little different experience. To learn more about vounteering with Hogar de los Niños read our Volunteer Page.
Prayer is always needed for the "Hogar" as there are many current issues and obstaces to overcome. Our Prayer Page contains a list of prayer requests for the orphanage and surrounding community of Tijuana.
Come find us on Facebook by clicking on the link below and becoming a fan. We have a page dedicated to the orphanage that is constantly updated with trip pictures and stories. It gives all the volunteers who come visit us a way to interact by asking questions, sharing information, or even funny stories about the kids!
Finally, Hogar de los Niños Orphanage is constantly looking for ways to partner with other like-minded groups and organizations. If your group is interested in coordinating a joint project of any type in the Tijuana area, please let us know. We are always willing to come up with new and creative solutions as to how to serve the people of Tijuana!

Adriana & Said

Silverio, Victor, & Susana