Tony & Pilar Ralphs
Tony and Pilar Ralphs share more than 50 years combined working with the orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico. Tony founded the orphanage in 1974 and then met Pilar a few years later. After Tony and Pilar got married, they discovered their mutual passion for the children of Tijuana. Pilar fell in love with the orphanage and now is the director. She has really cleaned up and civilized the "Hogar" with her attention to detail, organization, and structure. Pilar truly cares about the kids and is always working very hard to make sure that they are the first priority. She has introduced new elements to the orphanage that improve the standard of living, such as counseling for the adults and kids. Tony has always been the dreamer and sometimes gets carried away, while Pilar is the other side of the coin that brings a sense of order and reality to orphanage life.
Other Influential People in the Life of Hogar de los Niños
Irma Landesfeind:
For about the past 25 years Irma has made countless trips down to Tijuana with food and other supplies for the "Hogar" and surrounding community. She is especially well known for her trip around Christmas time where she brings many gifts for the people in the area. Whenever she makes the trip down to deliver supplies, it is not uncommon to see people waiting outside the orphanage the night before just to get in line for the food and supplies she distributes. Her wonderful work is made possible through the steadfast loyalty and willingness to help the orphanage by St. Raymond's Parish.
Dave, Dan, & Don:
These three amigos are from Spokane, WA. They have helped the orphanage survive through some very rough years, so our deepest thanks go the them. In addition, they really demonstrate a caring and compassionate heart for each of the kids.
Ron & Maria Davis:
This wonderful couple spent many years coming down to the orphanage with St. John Fisher church. Ron is an architect and helped design and install the complete roof system for the neighboring parish church. This came at the perfect time as the old church roof had caved in.
Jesse Morales:
For a number of years Jesse brought down a large caravan of food to Tijuana that many people depended on. His last year it was a real struggle to get all the supplies across the boarder. He told his wife at breakfast that this trip would probably be his last because the hassle of border crossing and tiredness were getting to him. When he arrived at the orphanage there were thousands of people awaiting his caravan and at that moment he knew all his work was worth it. Upon arriving he suddenly fell to the floor and passed away. All of the supplies were then distributed as he would have wanted. Jesse passed away doing his passion and a wonderful service.
Kevin Gramham:   During the first two years of the orphanage, everyone lived on a bus. Kevin was with Tony for these years and provided great friendship and companionship. Without Kevin's involvement and relationship the whole orphanage project would probably not have continued.
Fred Abajian & Helen Roosedahl:
  These two volunteers literally gave up years of their lives to live and help at the orphanage. They both demonstrated incredible loyalty to the mission of the orphanage and loving hearts for the people of Tijuana.
Long-Term Volunteers:  
Throughout the life span of the orphanage there have been many significant volunteers who have taken large chunks of their lives to come and live at the "Hogar". They come to do service with the people in the community and just to be in relationship with the children of the orphanage. We have been very privileged to host volunteers from around the world and open up our doors to them for significant chunks of time. Some of the past volunteers have come from Spain and Germany, as well as many Americans. Our deepest thanks to those of you who have unselfishly carved out chunks of your lives to live with us and promote the mission of Hogar de los Niños!